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Generating Green Energy

With the introduction of Ontario's Green Energy Act, Grimsby Energy has committed to building and operating a 1 MW facility to generate energy from plant material. Our goal is to be an industry leader in providing green energy solutions. 

Supporting Local Agriculture

Grimsby Energy Inc. is committed to using locally grown and produced plant matter to generate biogas. Working with and supporting our local farmers is a fundamental goal of our project.

Shifting Our Economy

Grimsby Energy Inc. is committed to generating more Green Electricity than the Town of Grimsby uses for streetlights, the museum, the arena, the library and all other Town owned buildings.

Helpful Links

The information in this section includes various links to external websites that will provide you with information and may answer some of your questions in regards to green energy.  For more information, please contact us directly.

 Grimsby Power Inc

Green Energy Act

Ontario Power Authority

Feed-In Tariff

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